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Who we are?

Hello travelers!
My name is Anton Nashev. My age is 23 years old and I am from Republic of Bulgaria. My current location is England, United Kingdom. Here I am working as a volunteer in one organization which is related to Humana People To People. In 2 months I am about to start my Development Instructor period, which is around 6 months, through this course I will be prepared to work in project in Africa such as Child Aid or HIV. I also have a team. My team is build up from 4 people. Each one of us is going to be trained as a Development Instructor in the next months.
After 6 months in Africa we believe we’ll have all necessary skills, qualities and knowledge based on our work there, to run our own project. We are in process, building up our own project called VanVolunteers. We will travel 1 year throughout South America with Camper Van or similar vehicle. We will visit many volunteer organizations, schools and libraries. There we will talk about our projects in Africa, what we have done, what are the main problems there, how to focus on your goals and how to go forward despite all obstacles in front of you. If we can contribute to make someone's life better then it's worthwhile.

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Here you can find a bit more about each one of us

Hello everyone. My name is Anton Nashev. My age is 23 years old and I am from Republic of Bulgaria. I arrived in England almost 4 months ago. To be honest the last 3 years were decisive for me and what I am going to do in my life. Everything started with some travels in my own country. I was alongside, with my girlfriend and we enjoyed many beautiful places together, not that long after I discovered that actually, I have willingness to travel and conquer new places. I decided to participate in work and travel program in United States, where I've spend 2 summers. There I open my eyes even more. I've met some really beautiful people and friends which I'll never forget. I found out how enjoyable is to learn about new cultures, traditions, also seeing new places and exploring them, makes me feel alive and this is how it came, now I am in England and if everything is all right after 8 months I will go in Africa to work as a volunteer for 6 months. One more time I convinced myself that through traveling you can meet great friends, and here we are alongside, with Plamena, Su and Tom. Together we want to travel throughout South America with VAN and to work as a volunteers there, with our skills, qualities and knowledge , which we'll gain from Africa, we can change many destinies.
My name is Susana Castro, but I prefer to be called Su. As you can see from the “Olá!”, I am from Portugal.
My dream? To travel throughout South America. But not just to travel, to make a difference, to help people in need. I believe we are all here on earth to do something, I spent most of my life looking for that something, I guess I had to come at the age of 32 to realize what it was.
Last year, in October I finally decide to make a change in my life, I quitted my Physical Education and Swimming teacher jobs and decided to join the College for International Co-operation and Development in the United Kingdom. My goal? Learn as much as I can so I can go to an African country and help as much as I can. I always thought that the learning is the most important thing so we can improve and develop ourselves.
So here I am now, in England learning and preparing myself to embark in a new experience called Africa.
So maybe you’re asking now: “But what does it all have to do with South America?”. Well, what I didn’t expect to find in here was three amazing people with who I shared my dream, the South America dream and find out I was sharing the same dream with them. So, we started to talk, and talk, and talk a little more and decided to join our visions and dreams right now, because if we are going to make it work, if we are going to follow our dreams, than we have to work a lot and start as soon as possible to make it work.
First Africa, and I hope you will follow us in this great adventure, then South America.
Life is too short and I know it’s a “cliché” but it’s a “cliché” for a reason so we just have to live it fully.

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